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Best Priced Safety Razors

Some things never go out of style, and the traditional double edge razor is one of those things. This classic shaving staple was popularized in the early 1900s and hasn’t left the kits of wet shaving traditionalists since. Even though safety razors aren’t the newest shaving tools to hit the market, they still have a tendency to be overpriced if you don’t know what to look for and where to shop for them. In this guide, we will review the most popular styles of safety razors in Australia and list our top picks for based on quality and price.

What style of safety razor is right for me?


Adjustable safety razors are just like any other safety razor, with one exception, they feature a mechanism (usually a numbered dial) that changes the distance between the blade and the skin, allowing users to opt for a more aggressive (or more delicate) shave with the turn of a knob.


This type of double edge razor features a slanted safety bar to cut hair at an angle. Slant-bar razors are less likely to miss spots and tend to be more gentle on sensitive skin.

Traditional Butterfly

Butterfly razors come in many styles, but the idea of this design is that they unfold by twisting the handle rather than completely dismantling. This style makes changing the blades easier and safer than three-piece razors which must be disassembled and then reassemble and can result in injury when mishandled.

Open Comb

Open comb safety razors feature a built-in comb on the shaver head which lifts, separates, and guides beard hair to the blade; this is an excellent choice for men who like to grow their beard out slightly before shaving since the comb keeps the blades from being obstructed by beard hair. Open combs do not have a proper safety bar, so we do not recommend this style for guys who are new to traditional shaving.

Closed Comb

Closed comb systems feature a straight safety bar (either scalloped or smooth) which has a dual purpose: hold the skin taut to minimize chances of cuts and missed spots and to create a barrier between the sharp blade and the skin.


Chrome-plated safety razors are beautiful, shiny, and sophisticated looking, but they aren’t without their weaknesses. Typically brass, nickel, or zinc alloys are used as the base metal for these razors and are finished with a process called “electroplating” to cover the surface in chrome. While these can be excellent razors, a tiny nick in the surface can cause rust, peeling, or tarnishes depending on the base metal that lies underneath.

Stainless steel

Most men prefer a stainless steel safety razor since they are long-lasting, don’t peel, and give the razor a classic look; this is also the best material for guys who are sensitive to certain metals. The only downside to stainless steel razors is that they tend to be the priciest on the market.

Safety Razor Kits

Though this isn’t a specific type of razor, we feel it is worth mentioning that often kits give beginners the best value for their buck. The components of safety razor kits vary widely on the price point and seller, though these commonly include shaving essentials such as badger hair lather brushes, refill blades, shaving mugs, and shave soaps.

What to Look for in Blades

You probably think the sharpest blades are the best right? Well, not always. Super sharp blades are more likely to cause irritation, though you don’t want a dull razor that doesn’t cut either.

Razor blades are commonly made of stainless steel, steel alloys, or carbide steel, though many are coated with other materials to make them sharper or last longer. People with sensitivities to certain metal alloys should avoid blades with nickel components.

When should I replace my razor blade?

The length of time a blade lasts is greatly dependent on individual preference and hair type, but most gents find they need to replace their double edge razor blade after three to seven shaves. If you notice your blades pulling your hair, dulling, missing spots, rusting or nicking you, then it is probably time for a new one.

Our Favorites Based on Best Value for your Money

Adjustable Razors

This razor has a medium weight aluminum body that naturally reduces irritation, but don’t worry, you can turn up the aggressiveness of your shave with the turn of the dial.

Slant Razors

Why we love it: This vintage-looking razor is both beautiful and efficient with it’s angled blade that lifts and cuts hair in one swift motion.

Butterfly Razors

Why we love it: The open comb design makes this a great choice for a wide variety of hair lengths and the butterfly enclosure makes it simple enough for beginners. The bonus faux-leather case only seals the deal in our book!

Classic Butterfly

Why we love it: It’s big, burly, and has a butterfly enclosure that makes cleaning and blade changes a breeze.

Closed Comb Razors

Why we love it: This razor is a perfect mash-up of modern and classic cool with its manly red and black colour and traditionally-shaped body. This model boasts the built-in protective safety bar to guard and tighten your skin, so you’re left with smooth, nick-free skin every time.

Open Comb Razors

Why we love it: This tiny razor packs a big punch and puts a refreshing twist on the traditional open comb design. The cool blue exterior and high-performance design make this a must-have in our book.

Stainless Steel Razors

Why we love it: This high-quality stainless steel razor features a simple yet effective design. The best part is you can score it for under 30 AUD!

Double Edge Razors

Why we love it: This beautifully-crafted razor boasts an ergonomic silicone grip for a super comfy, extra precise shave.

Chrome Razors

Why we love it: This stylish open-comb model comes in four classy colours: faux ivory, dark wood grain, light wood grain, and classic black. It’s hefty, it’s manly, and it’s chrome...what’s not to love??

Safety Razor Kits

Why we love it: This kit has it all: a high-performance razor, badger hair brush, shaving soap, lather bowl, refill blades, and decorative drying stand--it even comes in a swanky gift box!

Do you have a favorite razor?

Tell us about your favorite style of safety razor in the comments below!

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