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Body Groomers and Manicure Kits

It’s 2019, and more and more men are feeling the benefits of grooming their whole bodies and not just their faces. But there are still some hold-outs -- some people think it just isn’t manly to groom their whole bodies.

Body grooming might take a little more effort, but done right, it can actually make you look more masculine. Trimming your body hair can make your muscles -- among other things -- seem a lot bigger. And if you’ve got some cool ink, why hide your tattoos under a thick thatch of hair?

That’s before we even get to to hygiene. If you’re a particularly hairy gym goer, you’ll know all too well how sweat can get caught in your chest and back hair. It can’t hurt to give it a try -- you might find yourself impressed with the results.

There are plenty of body groomers out there that can make trimming a breeze, but with so many technologies on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Not to worry -- our quick, no-nonsense guide will help you pick a product in minutes.

Things to consider:

Before you think about what body groomer is right for you, it pays to think about where you’d like to shave or trim. Are you looking for a smaller head for precision detail, or something capable of shaving great swathes of hair off your back?

You’ll also need to consider the thickness of your hair. For obvious reasons, many men prefer body groomers without super sharp blades, but some men are going to need an extra bit of slicing power.

How short do you want to trim? As with most electric grooming products, it’s a good idea to select something with as many length attachments or settings as possible, in case you want to switch it up.

Got all that? Read on for the finer details.

Body groomer specs:

We’ve broken down some of the most important aspects of different types of body groomers.

SHAVING HEAD: With very few exceptions, body groomers have either a similar head to a hair clippers or a foil shaving head covered by a guard.

Higher end models have 3-D or pivoting heads available, where the head is balanced on a teeter-totter below the blade. This reduces pressure on the skin, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin or sensitive areas.

HEAD SIZE AND SHAPE: You’ll also want to consider the size of the head if you want to trim harder-to-reach areas -- that, or try a groomer with detachable heads and a narrower attachment. Groomers with contoured heads are better for underarms and other hard to reach areas.

TEETH: Most men will agree that the feeling of teeth on their crotch is not exactly pleasant. So too with an electric body groomer -- the combs on some are far too sharp to shave anywhere delicate.

HANDLE AND WEIGHT: Looking to shave your back hair? If you don’t have a background in yoga, you may want to look for a body groomer with a longer or extendable handle. Weight is an important consideration for similar reasons -- you don’t want to strain your hand while you’re in an awkward pose.

BLADES: Body grooming is one of the few areas where ceramic blades don’t make the cut. Depending on where you’re grooming, you’re not looking for anything too sharp.

Stainless or surgical steel is often the last word in body grooming blades. On higher end models, titanium alloys and veneers can help keep the blades sharp and combat rust. Some models also have self sharpening blades -- otherwise, prepare to sharpen once a year or so.

If you’re very concerned about nicks and cuts, consider a model with rounded blades.

MULTI-USE AND ATTACHMENTS: There are plenty of groomers out there that promise to take care of all your grooming from head to toe -- hair, face and all. These groomers often come with several different attachable heads and different comb lengths.

While multi-use groomers are ideal for those who think they’d like to change their look at some point, swapping the heads in and out can be irritating.

POWER AND BATTERY LIFE: Like with electric hair clippers and beard trimmers, the more powerful the motor, the better for chopping through thicker hair. Particularly hirsute men might want to look into a good universal (always corded) or rotary motor.

However, size is a limiting factor here. If you’re after a small, zippy number to get into any number of crevasses, you’ll need to sacrifice something in terms of power.

If you’ve decided to go with a cordless model, battery life will also be a consideration. You don’t want your motor to cut out half way through! There are plenty of good rechargeable models on the market, but a good lithium-ion battery powered groomer will always last longer.

Hair clippers vs body groomers:

How do hair clippers hold up when it comes to manscaping? The answer, of course, depends on your body hair and the model of clippers. If you can use your clippers with a guard comb (and very carefully), they might be able to do double duty. However, a contoured body groomer is far better for those hard to reach areas, and are generally a good investment for those who take manscaping seriously.

Taking your grooming to the next level -- putting the ‘man’ back in manicure:

If some men are conflicted about body grooming, even more balk at the very mention of nail care. But a good manicure doesn’t need to involve sparkly nail polish (though if that’s your thing, you do you), and it can go a long way towards creating a mature, sophisticated look. Plus, there’s nothing to put off your date like long, dirty or unkempt nails.

Whether you’re buying a pre-packaged manicure kit or creating your own, here are the weapons you’ll need to have in your arsenal.

NAIL CLIPPERS: It almost goes without saying, but a good pair of nail clippers is a must. Make sure that yours is made from quality stainless steel and fits well into your hand. Curved-edge nail clippers suit most men best, but straight edges are good for ingrown nails.

TOENAIL SCISSORS: If you’ve managed to make it to adulthood with toenails that can be cut with regular clippers, more power to ya. For the rest of us, there’s toenail scissors. The best are thick, sharp, and have a good lever action.

NAIL FILE: From metal to glass to carbon to crystal, nail files come in all shapes and sizes. A steel one will do for most men, but men with weaker nails might want to consider glass.

EAR PICK: Is removing earwax gross? Yes. Does it have to be done? Also yes, and it’s more environmentally friendly to use an ear pick than a cotton bud.

TWEEZERS: There’s nothing to make your face more appealing like removing a unibrow. Broad tipped tweezers are good for grabbing obvious hair, while thin tips are great for cleaning up under the brows.

CUTICLE PUSHER: Used to push the skin back from your nails for a more well-groomed look. Be gentle!