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Choosing the Right Epilator

Always on the hunt for the best way to handle the job of taking care of unwanted hair, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices. There is the good old fashioned razor, but shaving has to be done often enough that it feels more like a chore. One of the possibilities for a longer-term removal option is called an epilator. Also called “electric tweezers,” an epilator focuses on being able to pluck multiple hairs from the root in a quicker and more efficient fashion. This offers a viable solution that will last for quite a while. Epilators happen to be on the more affordable side, especially given that a good epilator can easily last through a couple years of use without replacement. If you are interested in giving an epilator a try, there can be a few features to explore that might make the experience more pleasant overall.

Amount of Tweezer Heads: The meat and potatoes of an epilator is the number of tweezer heads. Most entry-level epilators have around 20 tweezer heads per unit, although you can find units that have as few as 1 tweezer and as many as 72. Normally, one may assume that more is better, but that is not always the case. That’s because it’s no secret that epilator use can be painful, similar to waxing. More heads allow you to remove more hair quickly but increases the pain level. Fewer tweezers will enable you to take a bit more time but have the pain level being less intense. This comes down to personal preference.

Wet or Dry Options: Traditionally, epilators have always been used dry. However, some of the more recent models had the option to run underwater, in the shower or bath. This can also come down to personal preference. Some people find that epilators still work better dry, making the process more efficient. The warm water of a shower can help soothe the skin and makes cleanup easier.

Cordless or Electric: Some epilators require an electric plug and an outlet for usage while others have a battery that can charge. Generally, the charge can last for about 40 minutes, plenty of time for an epilator treatment.

Attachment for Other Parts of the Body: Usually, epilators are used almost exclusively for use on the legs. However, this is far from the only spot with hair to be groomed. Attachments are available for using the epilator on the face, armpits or bikini area.

Exfoliating Brushes: Just like with any form of hair management, the plucking can often create the potential for uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Newer epilators will include an exfoliating brush attachment to help prevent these hairs from sprouting and keeping the skin clean.

Make Your Epilator Your Shaver: When it comes to a device like an epilator, the more utility that you can give the device, the better the value. Attachments exist to allow an epilator to double as a shaver, helping treat areas that are too sensitive for the pain of the plucking.

Built-In Light: When it comes to grooming, visibility is crucial and some epilators, particularly the more expensive models, feature a light to ensure that you can see that target area perfectly.

Multiple Speeds: Most epilators come with two different speeds, to increase the speed in which an epilator treatment moves.

Alternatives to Epilators

Besides the regular razor and shaving cream, there are other options for hair removal. Similar to the epilator, you can always opt for waxing your legs. This process operates under the same principle as the epilator by removing the hair from the root, via a process of adhesive wax. Other and more modern options include using laser or IPL treatments to remove hair. Formerly a service only performed at spas, devices for these treatments are becoming available for home use. IPL and laser treatments use intense beams of light. The hair roots and follicles convert this energy to heat, and it destroys the follicle. These tend to be less painful than traditional treatments but also cost substantially more money.

If you can handle the pain and discomfort that comes with the use of an epilator (think of plucking hairs on steroids), it can be a very effective way to remove and hairs and reduce the need for the bothersome chore of shaving.