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Hair Chalk

Getting to experiment with hair colors, particularly the trendy pastel colors you see so often right now, can be a lot of fun. However, it can be a stretch to want to commit to these colors long term. Designed to suit this pastel trend, hair chalk allows you to play around with colors temporarily. Curious about this trend but looking to learn a bit more? Look no further, this quick introduction will give you a primer on this trend that has been seen on the runway shows of designers like Prada and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

What Is Hair Chalk Made Of?

As you might expect, hair chalk is different from the chalk you use on the sidewalk, although they have some similarities. Hair chalk is essentially made of soft pastels, which is powdered pigment, chalk, and something to bind it all together. It’s a fairly simple product, and that carries a lot of advantages. This simplicity means that the product is safe for children and doesn’t impart a ton of chemicals into your hair or around the house.

How Do You Apply Hair Chalk?

Hair chalk is very simple to use and apply as well.  There are only a few tools needed. You will need your chalk of choice, a hair straightener, a hairdryer, and some hairspray. Gloves are optional if you would like to avoid getting the pastel color on your hands. Start by doing a simple wash of your hair, skipping any products that can add any extra oils or chemicals to your hair. Next, wet the portion of the hair you are looking to apply chalk and massage in the color. Using a high-quality hair spray, hit the area to start the process of sealing the color. Finally, go over the area with the curling iron to fully lock in the color.

How Long Does the Hair Chalk Color Last?

This can vary based on the quality of the hair chalk. Some chalks will last just for one wash while other, high-end products can last for three to five washes. However, there is a concern with leaving the color in for extended periods of time. If you didn’t seal the color well during the application process, color could get in places around your house, including on your pillows. Even if you seal your color well, the color bleed can happen. Higher-end products will have a lower amount of bleed, but it is hard to contain it completely.

How Should I Select A Hair Chalk Kit?

There are a few different features and considerations to make when you are deciding to purchase a hair chalk kit

Colors: The pastels found in hair chalk kits can range across a spectrum of colors. Blues and pinks tend to be the most popular, but kits can include several colors in one. Some packages include up to 24 colors, which can provide for a lot of fun options, including costumes. This can obviously be a big determining factor in making a purchase.

Application Type: Hair chalk can come in a wide variety of ways to apply the color to the hair. The classic application is the regular stick, similar to traditional sidewalk chalk. However, as the trend grew popular, more options were available. Especially popular and easy to use with children, some hair chalk can be applied with a marker. This can eliminate the need for gloves during application, keeping down the mess. Another option is an applicator that is shaped like a makeup compact, also making it a mess reducer. Perhaps the most convenient is a hair chalk comb, meant for a smooth and even application throughout the hair.

Long Lasting Materials: As mentioned above, high-quality materials will offer far less bleed. If you are looking to make the color last for a few days, utilizing these more expensive chalk kits can ensure you don’t spread the color throughout the house. If instead, you are looking to just enjoy a fun, new hair color for a day, the more temporary hair chalks can be a good fit.

Ideal for Halloween or for dress up with kids, among other things, hair chalk has a lot of ability to enjoy and play with fun pastel colors without expensive and permanent hair treatments.