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Choosing the Right Hair Dryer

Purchasing a hair dryer that will be right for your hair type and leave your hair sleek and shiny with no brittle ends can be overwhelming with so many choices available online or at a box store. Things you want to consider are the material of the hair dryer, it’s weight, watts and unique features such as the cool burst of air and low and high heating options.

Choosing the Best Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

  • Frizzy hair– an ionic or tourmaline hair dryer is a good option. These hair dryers emit negative ions that break up water on your hair which means faster drying and your hair is less likely to be frizzy.  A tourmaline and ionic hair dryer can be more expensive but if your hair is curly and difficult to dry it may be worth it.
  • Thin hair– a ceramic or porcelain hair dryer is an excellent choice due to the plastic or metal housing which allows for heat that is less harsh and more consistent. This option is also a good choice if you are not sure and can be used for all hair types.
  • Thick and long hair– a titanium dryer is a good option as the heat it provides is an even temperature.  It can get hot, so be mindful of this if your hair is fine or damaged from over processing or ends that are brittle from overuse of a flat iron. If your hair is thick and long the titanium dryer can minimize the time you use the hair dryer which can mean less heat damage.

The Watts of a Hair Dryer Matters

To minimize the drying time, choose a hair dryer with 1500 watts or more. The watts measures how fast the motor works and the amount of time it will take to dry your hair.  

A word of caution.  If you have extremely thick or difficult to dry hair, purchasing a hair dryer with 1800-2000 watts will be the best option to dry your hair efficiently and timely.

If you are on a budget, you can purchase a low wattage hair dryer, but they may need to be replaced more often.

The Value of a Hair Dryer that is Lighter

The average time to dry hair can be 10 -15 minutes, depending on hair type. If you add the time to style with a roller brush, this can be an additional 15 – 20 minutes.  This is taxing on your hands and wrists. This is why it is essential to choose the weight of your hair dryer wisely. As ideal weight to consider is approximately 1 pound or (0.45 kg) in weight.

Do all the Hair Dryer Features Make a Difference?

Now that you have found the right material, weight, and watts, it is time to choose the hair dryer with the correct settings.  Think about how you want to style your hair and the texture of your hair.

  • If you have thin hair or hoping to style bangs, the last thing you want is a hair dryer with one setting. In this case, a low setting would work best for styling.
  • If you have normal hair and are using a roller brush to give your hair a light wave to style to frame your face, the medium setting is a good choice.
  • If your hair is thick, or curly, then you want to spend the minimum time drying, and therefore the high heat option would work well.

Are the Extras Really Worth the Money?

One of the extra features often seen advertised for a hairdryer is a cool setting option. What does the cool setting on a hair dryer do?  The cool setting is designed to reduce frizz. If you aspire to have the sleek and shiny look, the cold setting will help you achieve this look. Once you are 3-5 minutes away from finishing drying your hair, select the cool feature option to blast your hair. This will seal the cuticles for smooth, shiny hair. The other advantage is giving your hair a break from the heat. Once your hair is 85% percent dry, use the cool setting option will allow you to finish drying your hair without damaging your hair.

Do I Need All the Attachments?

A hairdryer typically comes with a diffuser. This attachment is an excellent addition for curly hair. The diffuser distributes hot air in a focused area without blowing other areas of the hair all over the place. From a styling view, the diffuser helps keep the texture intact while adding volume. A plus is the diffuser is easy to attach. Simply snap it on the end of the blow dryer, for styling and pop it off when you have the look you want.

The other attachment that often comes with your hair dryer is a concentrator nozzle. This is also easy to snap onto the nose of your hairdryer and easy to remove. The purpose of the concentrator nozzle is to provide a stream of heat. It can be used to straighten your hair and also cut down on frizz. A good tip when using the concentrator nozzle is to keep it pointed downward and make sure it does not come into contact with your hair. The concentrator makes the heat intense so contact with the hair should be avoided. If you are opting for a straight and sleek style, run your brush through your hair and follow the path with the concentrator nozzle.

The other attachment you may see is a comb or pick accessory. Like the other attachments, it snaps on to the nozzle of the hairdryer. The purpose of this attachment is to stretch out curly hair for a styles wavy look.

While there are many choices in purchasing a hairdryer, the critical thing to consider is your hair type and what kind of style you are trying to achieve.