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IPL Hair Removal Machines

One of the most irritating tasks of life is constantly shaving legs. This simple task takes up literally days of your life – a recent study estimated that women today will spend a full 72 days of their lives shaving. However, technology breakthroughs have enabled other solutions to be available to women who take less time and last a lot longer. One such option is an IPL hair removal machine.

What is an IPL Hair Removal Machine?

Standing for Intense Pulse Light, it is often assumed that IPL devices are the same as laser hair removal devices, but that’s not exactly the case. While both work under roughly the same principal, IPL devices utilize a complete spectrum of light and wavelengths, as opposed to lasers which use one wavelength. However, the general principle is the same. The light is delivered to the hair follicle, and the energy is converted to heat, destroying the follicle and removing the hair for a more extended period.

These devices are now available for at-home use, but there are dozens of choices. These key factors can help you determine which device to select to make sure you get your best experience.

Factors to Consider

Your Skin Tone: IPL treatments work differently based on the skin color of the user. In general, Intense Pulse Light treatments work better on people with lighter skin tones. For those with darker tones, it is worth checking with the device to make sure it will work. Some IPL hair removal machines will even include a sensor to ensure that your skin tone isn’t too dark for the machine to function. There are IPL machines for all skin tones, but it is something you need to be sure about before you commit to a device.

Your Hair Color: Like skin tone, the efficacy of IPL treatment can depend on the color of the hair looking to be removed. In general, lighter shades of hair are less successful with intense pulsed light treatment. Particularly, blonde, grey, red and white hair have the most trouble with IPL. Just like above, there are devices made to suit all hair colors, but not every device will work on every hair color.

Flash Capacity: Since IPL devices work by delivering flashes of light to heat up the follicle, these machines come with a limited capacity before they need to be maintained and replaced. The number of light pulses a machine has before it needs to be replaced is called the flash capacity, and it speaks to the lifespan of the device. This can be a big differentiator in the price of the machine but, if you use the tool for the duration of its lifespan, spending more upfront can save you more and avoid early replacements. Devices can range to up to 400,000 pulses, which should last several years, and that means plenty of use.

Ergonomic Shape: The shape and size of the head can make a difference, depending on how you want to use the IPL hair removal machine. A more massive head will make quick work if you are targeting only your legs. However, if you a looking to remove hair around the bikini line or other smaller areas, a more compact head, and ergonomic shape can make maneuvering and targeting tighter areas more comfortable and more feasible.

Alternatives to IPL Hair Removal Devices

There are plenty of other options for hair removal. As mentioned, laser treatments function on the same principle as the IPL so they can provide a similar experience. Another option is to go a little more low tech and utilize a traditional waxing experience. For a slightly different alternative, you could use an epilator, also known as electric tweezers, which will help remove the hair. If none of these sound up your alley, you can always use the good old fashioned razor to manage hair.

The technological advances have taken something that was an expensive spa treatment and made it something you can do at home with an IPL device. With a variety of features and functions to keep an eye on, you can make a choice to get one of these devices and completely change how you shave your legs.