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Manscaping Toolbox Essentials

Ten years ago, many people had never even heard of manscaping, but these days an increasing number of men are committed to grooming their entire body and not just their face.  Men of all ages are now seeing the benefits of taking care of hair from head to toe -- it’s more hygienic, appealing to potential partners and shows pride in one’s appearance.

If you’re put off by the very idea, you probably think that the goal of manscaping is to get that Olympic swimmer look. Not so -- manscaping can refer to all kinds of men’s grooming, and everyone’s preference is different. Whether you want to be smooth as a dolphin or just avoid the whole caveman style, there’s a manscaping routine for you.

But with so many choices to make and so many products on the market, the whole concept can be hard to get your head around. That’s why we’ve put together an easy-to-follow, 101 guide to constructing the ultimate manscaping toolkit. Read on to find out everything you need to keep things well-kept.

Nose hair trimmers:

Manscaping always begins with your face. You might think that nose hair trimmers aren’t exactly sexy, but then again, neither is nose hair. And unfortunately, nose hair is hard to avoid -- unless you are very lucky, you’re bound to spot a few peeking their heads out of your nostrils as the years go by.

Even if you’re not sprouting nose hair yet, the best nose-hair trimmers are multi-purpose -- you can also use them to deal with ear hair and groom your eyebrows, and even fine-tune a neat moustache. All this in one neat and portable package! Most trimmers also run on a battery, making them easy to carry around for grooming emergencies.

At minimum, a good nose-hair trimmer should have high-quality, stainless steel blades. If you’re a nose-trimming novice, you might want to look for a model with curved blades to help you avoid accidents.  Dual edged blades are by far the most versatile out there.

While nose-hair trimming is essential, try not to overdo it. Some of the hairs up there play an important role in trapping dirt and bacteria before they can enter your respiratory system. Stick to the ones straining for the light of day and you should be fine.

Beard trimmers:

Beards are back in a big way, and if you’ve decided to sport one, you’re going to need a way to keep it in check. Trimming your beard is a great way to get dry, flyaway split ends under control, and can reduce the infamous beard itch that can occur when you’re first growing yours out.

Even the most Dumbledore-esque of beards is going to need a bit of a trim now and then, but beard trimmers are a particularly good option for those of us who’d like to keep theirs to under a few inches -- cutting each and every hair with a barber’s scissors sounds like torture the Spanish Inquisition would be proud of.

Every beard is different, but by and large, your best bet is to buy a beard trimmer with as many length settings, attachments or combs as possible. Facial hair is almost endlessly customisable, and you never know when you might want to mix things up a bit.

If you’re sporting a more manicured style, like a chin strap or goatee, you definitely want to invest in a T-outliner blade or a trimmer with a T-outline attachment. The shape of the blade is excellent for precision detail and keeping those lines straight. If that sounds like a little too much to handle, your trusty nose-hair trimmer might also be up for the job!

Hair clippers:

Cutting your own hair might be a bit of a learning curve, but with so many high-quality hair clippers on the commercial market, there’s never been a better time to cut the barber out of your life. Used carefully and with the right guard comb, they can also be used for grooming other areas.

The most important consideration you’ll need to keep in mind when selecting the right hair clippers for you is the motor. Generally speaking, the more powerful the motor, the better, particularly if you have thick hair, but the best and hardiest universal motors are almost always corded.

As with beard trimmers, the more settings you have to play with, the better. Adjustable blade clippers come with a lever on the side that allow you to determine the exact length that suits you. Detachable blade clippers come with different guards of different lengths, but are often higher quality.

Hair clippers also come with T-outliner blades for fades, fine hair and other detailing, but if you’re looking to take care of your side locks, a nose hair trimmer may just do the job.

Body groomers:

While your hair clippers, beard trimmer or even nose hair trimmers can occasionally do double duty, body groomers are the only products specifically designed to take care of hair on your back, chest, underarms or below the belt.

Like other electric grooming products, body groomers come with many different length setting options, However, the advantages of using a body groomer over a beard trimmer or hair clippers can be summed up in two words -- head and handle.

Body groomer heads are often contoured, making it easier to shave or trim underarms or other curved areas. Higher end models come with pivoting heads, balanced on a teeter-totter to reduce pressure on sensitive areas.

Shaving your back hair with an electric razor can be extraordinarily difficult for those of us who aren’t yoga masters or contortionists. Luckily, many body groomers come with long or extendable handles for just this purpose.