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Brass Safety Razor

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Our Brass Safety Razor features a traditional three-piece double edge design comprised of high-quality brass for a superior shaving experience.

The close comb design makes this an excellent pick for gents who have a tendency to be heavy-handed with their razor since it has a protective bar which guards the skin against making contact with the blade. Unlike metal alloy-based razors, the 100% brass body will never rust when exposed to wet conditions.

  • The textured weighed handle gives users a slip-free grip for a safe, precise shave, every time
  • The Bronze Safety Razor comes with ten extra-sharp and long-lasting refill blades
  • The traditional silver colour makes this a refined gift for both ladies and gentlemen
  • The compact size makes this a terrific choice for frequent travelers. Additionally, this model is compatible with any standard razor blade.


Apply a warm wet compress to the face before shaving. Once the hair is sufficiently softened, apply your shaving lather of choice. Shave in the direction of your hair growth, starting with the sides of your face and saving the area around your mouth for last. When finished, wash your face with cool water and apply aftershave.

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