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DIY Hair Removal – Choosing the Right Option

Waxing can be a positive experience and viewed as an essential beauty treatment.  The key is understanding the different types of wax and which body parts they should be used for. Whether you choose to go to a professional salon or Do it Yourself (DIY) waxing can be a positive experience leaving your skin smooth. This can give you the confidence you desire for the special night out or celebrating a life event. There are several brands and different types of wax, but they typically fall into two types: hard wax and soft wax.  

What is Soft Wax?

Soft Wax is the most common wax and what is typically used at most beauty salons.  The soft wax is applied with a waxing tool. After 1-2 minutes a muslin strip is placed over the wax and pressed gently on to the wax to ensure a connection. It is then removed by pulling the edge and pulling against the growth of the hair.   

Are their Certain Body Parts That Soft Wax is Used?

Soft Wax is easier to use than Hard Wax and may be best suited for larger areas such as arms, legs, back, and armpits. Soft Wax adheres to the skin and hair which may make the removal with the muslin cloth more of a tug, but it is quick, and the results are amazing with the removal of the unwanted hair. Soft Wax also removes dead skin cells.

What is Hard Wax/ Hard Wax Beans?

Hard Wax Beans have also been referenced as Hard Wax Pellets or Hard Wax Beads that are made of a formulated depilatory wax. The base wax of Hard Wax Beans is Rosin, an all-natural form extracted from pine trees and other coniferous plants which serves as its base ingredient. Hard Wax Beans also have an aromatic effect as they come with different fragrances such as Green Tea, Strawberry, and Chocolate, along with additional ingredients like cocoa butter, lavender, chamomile, or lavender. Their components are helpful with skin allergies, sensitive skin, or skin conditions.

What are the Benefits of Hard Wax Beans?

Hard Wax Beans are easy to use and do not require a muslin strip cloth to peel off any wax, which is often associated with pain. Hard Wax Beans can be used on any part of the body and are easy to use if you want to do it yourself versus in a beauty salon. You can be the expert and save money on beauty treatments.

How Do Hard Wax Beans Work?

  1.   Using a wax heater or wax melter to heat to a working temperature.
  2.   Use a waxing tool and spread a layer of wax onto the body part you desire to remove hair. A key tip when applying the wax is to leave the edges thicker for an ability to grip for easy removal.  
  3.   Allow 1-3 minutes to cool. Tap the wax a couple of times to check and be sure that it is ready to be removed.  Hold the skin tight and remove wax with firm action.

Hard Wax Pros and Cons

  • Hard Wax may be less painful on sensitive areas such as the face.
  • Hard Wax may only be applied to small areas. It is not typically used in larger areas.
  • Hard Wax does not leave a sticky residue, making it easier for clean-up.
  • Hard Wax is good about grabbing shorter hair which means you don’t need to wax the same area twice.
  • Hard Wax allows for hair follicles and pores to open up from the eat, The benefit is this makes the hair easier to remove.

Soft Wax Pros and Conn

  • Soft Wax adheres to skin more easily than hard wax. The benefits of this is that it exfoliates the skin more.
  • Soft wax grabs those thin hairs ensuring they are removed.
  • Soft Wax works better on large areas of the body than hard wax
  • Soft Wax should not be applied to the same body area twice.  The reason is that it removes layers of dead skin leaving the skin vulnerable.
  • For Soft Wax, there is no special preparation needed.
  • From a cost perspective, soft wax may be less expensive than hard wax. It usually costs only between $5 to $10 dollars per package.
  • Soft Wax is ideal for extra sensitive areas such as the armpits or Brazilian wax.

To sum it up, it is ideal to go to a salon that has both soft and hard wax, so you can choose the option that is best for you. While you trust the  beauty professional you are going to, it’s also up to you to understand the difference between hard wax and soft wax, so you can choose the wax that you are most comfortable with. This can also be based on the area that you are hoping to wax, and the end goal you want to achieve. Be informed and ask questions of the professional you visit. If you are doing it yourself, know the facts so that you can achieve the desired results.