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Wax Heaters

Let’s not sugar coat it: waxing legs is not a whole lot of fun. It is very uncomfortable and painful, but it does help achieve silky smooth legs without the need to shave regularly. However, anything that can help make the experience a better one would be a welcome improvement in our lives. One of the essential accessories you can have to make your life easier is a wax heater. While not strictly necessary to the process of waxing, there are definitely benefits that make it a must-have if you are a regular waxer.

Advantages of Using a Wax Heater

Even Heating: If you aren’t using a wax heater, the way you generally get prepared for treatment is by melting the wax in the microwave, which has several drawbacks. First off, the heating can be uneven, resulting in patches of wax that are either scalding hot or too solid. Secondly, there is no continual heat source. If you take a while to apply all the wax, it can cool and solidify. That means that you are going to have to run back and forth to the microwave, all in the middle of the waxing process. A wax heater solves both of these problems. The heating element will ensure that the wax melts in a comfortable and even coat. In addition, the wax heater can apply constant heat, making sure your wax stays the perfect texture throughout the process.

Temperature Control: Although they are often sold in kits complete with wax, most heaters will work with any brand or type of wax. Each product can reach its best texture at different temperatures, so the option to set different temperatures makes sure you get the best experience while waxing. Additionally, the traditional microwave option can make your wax too hot to be comfortable. The temperature control settings can ensure you don’t accidentally scald yourself with overhot wax.

Effectiveness: Part of the waxing process involves warming up the strips for us. Often times, without a wax heater, the way to warm these up is using your hands. This frequently results in a weak grip and pull to remove the hairs. Instead, using evenly heated wax from a heater allows the strip to warm up as well, making it do the job more efficiently.

Less Waste: Because the heating element is entirely contained inside the heater, you can leave unused wax for later use. This means that you will use less wax over time, saving you money, making a wax heater a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Features to Look For

Precision Heating: Customization can always enhance the user experience. Some wax heaters come simply with a low, medium or high heat setting. Others, however, allow you to dictate a more precise temperature, allowing you to receive a more personalized experience. This can allow you to be more comfortable, and get the wax to the temperature you want.

Size: Wax itself can come in multiple forms. Remember, some wax heaters can be sold as part of a kit, complete with the wax. However, for repeat usage, the size of the heater can be something to note. One method of getting replacement wax is in different sized tins that can be dropped right into a heater. If you have a preferred brand of wax, you’ll want to ensure that your heater of choice can accommodate it.

Multiple Uses: A good wax heater can be used for more than just waxing your legs. Some heaters note themselves as suitable for other kinds of beauty wax, such as paraffin. This can give your heater plenty of other uses, including enhancing your at-home pedicure experience.

Alternatives to Leg Waxing

If you look to avoid the waxing experience altogether, you can use other methods of long term hair removal. Operating under a similar procedure, you can use an epilator to pluck hair at the roots. Other possible options include using either laser or IPL treatment. These methods use light energy applied directly to your legs. The follicles convert the light energy to heat, and it destroys the hair.

If you are going to go through the pain of waxing to achieve the look and feel you want, then you might as well do it as comfortably and conveniently as possible. Using a heater to make the experience more relaxed and as streamlined as possible.