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About Us

Shavre Centre was founded in 2018 to bring Australia the best, most affordable, hair removal and grooming tools on the market. We are proudly Australian family owned and operate from our home, Magnetic Island off the mainland of Australia. 

Big box stores and their ridiculously expensive in store prices inspire us every day. It all started one day when we walked into a store and were faced with price tags of $600+ for a decent electric shaver! In that very moment it clicked, Australian's deserve better quality at an affordable price, and that's when Shaver Centre was born.

Whether you're looking for a clean shave, a nice trim, or body hair removal, we're Australia's number one stop shop for shaving.We pride ourselves on satisfying every single customer.  From free shipping within Australia, to easy painless returns and refunds, to lower price matching, you're going to be satisfied with us.