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Matte Black Safety Razor
Matte Black Safety

Matte Black Safety Razor

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Our Matte Black Safety Razor may be small in size, but it boasts high-performance cutting power and an expertly-crafted durable design.

  • The shaver head is crafted from heavy-duty zinc alloy which is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The black PVD coating is nearly impossible to remove, and won't wear off on its own.
  • This compact, portable razor is only 97 millimeters in total length making it extremely travel-friendly

Our Matte Black Safety Razor is a miniaturized version of the traditional close comb, double-edge shaver. This model’s compact design packs impressive power, weight, and accuracy to help it easily and precisely cut through burly stubble in milliseconds. Besides being effective, this model’s sleek matte black exterior makes this a beautiful gift for any gentleman.

The close comb design makes this an excellent gift for beginners, as well as for gents who tend to wait a while between shaves since the safety bar holds skin taunt to expose more surface area of the hair.


To clean: disassemble your razor and use a paste made of mild soap, baking soda, and water to disinfect the blade compartment. Let the parts dry completely before reassembly.